To All Our Valued Customers:

Like all forms of scams and schemes, incidents of fraudulent text messaging have been increasing nationally, as well as locally. Scammers send text messages that appear to come from your bank, even using proper names of personnel to make the message look familiar and legitimate. They will use tricks, such as scare tactics with false problems or special offers, to get your attention and to gain access to your personal information and/or accounts.

First and foremost, if you receive a text message appearing to have been sent by Northwest Community Bank, Collinsville Bank – A Division of Northwest Community Bank, or Litchfield Bancorp – A Division of Northwest Community Bank, do not click any links or reply to the message. We will never ask for your personal information through a text message.

We will NOT ask you to provide personal information by text, to click on a link or to call a telephone number in the spam text. Be aware that some messages may be attempting to frighten you with account problems, debit card cancelation, late payment; others may tempt you with special offers or routine updates on your account information. Our main caution remains: we will never ask for your personal information through a text message – and you should not act on any text message appearing to come from us.

We are careful in how we communicate with our customers and strive to maintain the highest-level security protection possible. We have significant fraud protection shields in place, and more information is available on our website. Plus we are always accessible to assist you with your concerns by contacting your local branch.


With regards,
Paul McLaughlin, Jr.
Executive Vice President
Chief Retail Banking Officer