Personal Online Banking

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Personal Online Banking

Collinsville Bank – A Division of Northwest Community Bank offers the convenience of banking at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with free online services, including free Bill Pay.

Banking Convenience Wherever You Go

Personal Online Banking is available as an optional item with a Personal Checking Account at Collinsville Bank – A Division of Northwest Community Bank.

By using our online banking system, you can safely and securely:

  • Make travel notifications.
  • Order checks.
  • Apply for a new debit card or replace your current one.
  • Change your email address, phone number or address.
  • Pay your bills with our Personal Online Banking Bill Pay.
  • View up-to-the-moment account balances and up to one year of history on any deposit or loan account.
  • View, print or save up to 18 months of monthly statements when you Sign up for eStatements.
  • Transfer funds between any Collinsville Bank – A Division of Northwest Community Bank transaction account, as well as any checking or savings account from another financial institution.
  • Send secure messages to a Collinsville Bank – A Division of Northwest Community Bank Customer Service representative.
  • Use the Mobile Check Deposit feature in our mobile app to automatically deposit checks into your account.
  • View, print or save images of checks that have cleared your account.
  • Download account activity to Quicken®.
  • Set up Alerts for high or low balances, deposits or withdrawals as well as current balances to your email inbox or mobile device.

Make payments from your checking or transactional savings account to your Collinsville Bank – A Division of Northwest Community Bank mortgage, home equity or installment loan.

Personal Online Banking Bill Pay

Bill Pay is and optional item available with any Collinsville Bank – A Division of Northwest Community Bank Personal Checking Account. You can add payees, schedule, change and delete payments, as well as perform inquiries on payments.
  • Add payees. A payee can be any business, organization, or individual anywhere in the United States ­– with the exception of some government taxing authorities, collection agencies, and recipients of court ordered payments.
  • Schedule payments by clicking the “Pay Bills“ tab. If you have multiple accounts, first select the account you wish to make the payment from. You can make the following types of payments:
    • One Time Payments ­– send a single payment by entering an amount
    • Future Payments – schedule future payments up to one year ahead of time by entering an amount and the date it will be delivered by
    • Recurring Payments – set up payments to come out of your account at regular intervals by entering an amount and selecting the frequency
  • Change or Delete scheduled payments or make an inquiry on a processed payment

Sign up for eStatements

For Our Personal Online Banking Customers:
  1. Log into your Personal Online Banking Account
  2. Scroll down to “Quick Links”
  3. Click “View eStatements”
  4. Click “View eStatements” for the account you wish to receive eStatements
  5. Check box if would like to receive notifications, then click “Next” to proceed
  6. Review disclosure presented
  7. Enter PDF Acknowledgement Code and click “Submit”
  8. Click “OK” to continue registration
  9. Click “Accept” in the lower right hand corner

If you are not using our Personal Online Banking with Bill Pay:

Sign up for Personal Online Banking now or stop into any of our branches to begin enjoying the convenience of Personal Online Banking with eStatements.

Sign up for Alerts

Set up your Alerts so that you can stay on top of your money. Alerts can be sent to your email address, a mobile phone or both.
  • Any Account Activity Alert
  • Available Balance Below Limit
  • Available Balance Daily Snapshot
  • Current Balance Above Limit
  • Current Balance Below Limit
  • Insufficient Funds Charge Alert
  • Large Bill Payment Notification
  • Large Check Cleared Alert
  • Large Debit Card Purchase Posted
  • Large Electronic Check Posted
  • Large Electronic Deposit Posted
  • Large Withdrawal Posted
  • Reminder Alert
  • Specific Check Cleared

Get started today.  Log into your Personal Online Banking account and click on the “Profile” tab and “Create a New Alert.”

Enjoy added protection. You’ll automatically receive an email anytime there are changes made online to your personal information, including your password and email address; or if certain activity occurs, such as a change to your bill payees.

Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile Check Deposit is the safe, fast, easy way to make deposits.

With Mobile Check Deposit you scan checks with your Collinsville Bank – A Division of Northwest Community Bank mobile app on your phone or tablet and automatically deposit them into your account. Bank trips are virtually eliminated, saving you time and money.

  • Scan checks from your mobile app and electronically deposit them into your bank account
  • Make deposits every day
  • View deposits online using image archive
  • Eliminate travel time and expense
  • Mobile remote deposit limit of $2500.00

* Check restrictions on mobile deposits. Customers must register on a personal computer before using the mobile app. Deposits made prior to 4 PM will be available the next business day. Deposits made at 4 PM or after will be available on the second business day after the deposit.